Over the years, our chassis have gained the enviable reputation for being the most successful super gas cars in drag racing. Our cars have exceeded even our expectations of becoming the best super gas cars on the planet.

You will find a Don Davis car in the winner’s circle of forty-percent of national events each year. With some minor adjustments these cars can become equally as dominant at your local drag strips, big money bracket races and national event super gas races.

At any given national event you can see Don Davis Race Cars cutting double-0 lights and running with incredible levels of consistency. The reason these cars preform like they do is because all aspects of physics and engineering were considered at the time the chassis was designed.

Even with the outrageous horse-power used in super gas cars of today. These cars will dead-hook and leave consistently because of proprietary suspension design and proper application. The custom DDRC suspension levers the tire against inertia to give full traction. To allow the suspension to do it’s job properly, the struts and shock absorbers have both been designed in-house, and are manufactured by Strange Engineering. These application specific products are only available through Don Davis Race Cars.

We look forward to joining you in the winner’s circle very soon!