A Count Bargain Means

by Phillip Warren

The term "plea bargain" refers to an agreement between the prosecution and the defense in a criminal case. A plea bargain is basically a contract between the sides intended to allow: the prosecution to guarantee the result of the case and preserve resources that would have gone toward a trial.

What is PLEA BARGAIN? What does PLEA BARGAIN mean? PLEA BARGAIN meaning, definition & explanation Dec 12, 2016  · A count bargain means a. the defendant’s top charge was reduced to something less severe. b. the defendant agrees to plead guilty to fewer charges. c. the defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence. d. the defendant gets one sentence for multiple charges, instead of consecutive sentences.

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Count bargaining. in return the defendants plea of guilty to one or more counts in the indictment or information, the prosecutor dismiss the remaining charges … In a sentence bargain, the defendant typically pleads to the original charge (often termed a plea on the nose) … the courts chapter 12 22 terms. fran_barrett7. Descriptive …

means that defendants who do not enter pleas of guilty can expect to receive harsher sentences as a consequence for going to trial.

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